The key to have a clean atmosphere is finding the hidden root that causes air contamination and malodor. According to experts, there are following reasons:

1. Odor, mold smell: the unpleasant smell in the air proves the present of bacteria, viruses, mold, spores and pollen. They can originate from landfill, sewers, carpets, odor from food spoilage, toilet, unclean air conditioner, the elder, pet or detergent, etc

2. PM2.5 dust sensor: is the dust particles in the air that carry chemical pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, benzene, toluene …

3. Odor from tobacco including nicotine and 4, 700 different substances that cause serious harm to human’s health such as: cacbon monoxide (CO), irritants (aldehydes, acids, phenols …), carcinogen (Benzopyrene, Dibenzoanthracene, Benzofluenthene, Dibenzopyrene, cancerogenes, nitrite polycyclic compounds…)

làm sạch không khí

Antibac2K’s Encapsule technology combines with Magic Ball air purifiers like Pantone Magic Ball, Magic Ball Chandelier, Magic Moon are capable of eliminating all harmful agents to air. The prudtc is eco-friendly and friendly to human .

Encapsule technology + Magic Ball air purifier + madolor-eliminating fluid Antibac2K SOLUTION is THE SECRET TO CLEAN AIR.

Antibac2K with extracts from natural essential oils brings us a soothing aroma to relax, release stress, fatigue and tension.

Antibac2k’s products with all listed features are the best solution to bring fresh air for your family.



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