Encapsulate technology not only brought us effective solution for eliminating malodor, bacteria and PM2.5 dust to product your family’s health, but also a unique marketing strategy that you never think of- Scent Marketing.

giải pháp tiếp thị mùi hương

In addition, Antibac2K brings a relaxing, soothing, refreshing environment with gentle and pleasant aromas from the combination of natural essential oils.

Why don’t you apply the completely new marketing strategy – Scent Marketing to serve your customers in the service business, to bring them and your employees relaxation and comfort, which helps to improve business performance and create a unique style for your own company.

Why Scent Marketing strategy is necessary?

Smell is the most powerful sense among five human senses. When the brain center perceives odors, it will immediately affect and stimulate other senses.

tiếp thị mùi hương scent marketing ứng dụng

Smell can trigger memories strongest compared to pictures or sounds, so if your business has unpleseant smell that discomforts your customers, there is a high chance they refuse to use your services and say “goodbye” to you

Magic Ball in a luxury furniture store

Researches from experts show that for well-known brands, customers will rank the stores which have elegant aroma as premium and luxury

Furthemore, items displayed in shops which have delicate scent are considered as more valuable than places witout pleasant aroma.

On top of that, customers are willing to pay a higher price of 15-20% for an item if it is displayed in stores having comfortable aroma. It also keeps customers to stay longer in the store in at least 15 minutes.

Stores with elegant scent also attract customers to come back for the third time after the first visit

Equally important, employees who work in an environment with a pleasant aroma will have higher productivity, more energy and improved satisfaction.

Marketing strategy Scent Marketing can be used in several fields:

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, resorts, healthcare, banking, fashion shops, shopping malls, car showroom, or company’s offices that need emotional and innovative elements and even in… traffic.

Are you ready to invest in improving your workplace and living condition, your sales and business performance, and your customer service quality to ensure customers never forget you?


Nasda Team– Solution for environment and health