Nasda’s products and environmental services with Antibac2K active fomula are widely used by well-known domestic and foreign brands and oganizations.

Some photos of Antibac2k products displayed in smoking room, departure hall, VIP room, etc in international airports of Singapore and Japan:

Phòng hút thuốc lá KANSAI Airport

Antibac2k air purifier in smoking room of KANSAI Airport

Hiroshima Airport Business Lounge

Hiroshima Airport Business Lounge

Phi trường quốc tế Osaka

Osaka international airport

Phòng hút thuốc lá phi trường Narita

Smoking room in Narita airport

Phi trường quốc tế OSAKA

Smoking room in Narita airport

Phòng VIP Eva Air – Sân bay Tao Yuan – Đài Bắc- Đài Loan

VIP Eva Air room- Tao Yuan airport, Taipei, Taiwan

Sân bay quốc tế Tao Yuan – Đài Bắc – Đài Loan

VIP Eva Air room- Tao Yuan airport, Taipei, Taiwan

In Vietnam, Antibac2k is proud to serve Petrolimex, Trung Nguyen, Nhat Ha hotel, etc


Thơm mát không khí cùng Double Mint

Fresh cool air with Double Mint

Chuỗi cà phê Trung Nguyên

Trung Nguyen coffee chain

Khách sạn Nhật Hạ 1,2,3

Nhat Ha hotel 1,2,3

Chứng thực sản phẩm tại tòa nhà Petro Tower

Petro Tower

Văn phòng công ty Du lịch Vietravel

Office of travel agency Vietravel


Having experience in serving domestic and foreign customers for several years, Nasda is proud to be the top supplier of solution for environmental products and services.

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