Why to choose NASDA – The best solution provider of environmental health.

Slogant of us !

“ BioScience for life” – microbial technology for life

NASDA has collaborated closely with Antibac2K partners who researched and developed the practical products to bring new technologies that is to create the best health solutions and environment which service better for the customer life and their family.

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The development products as below:

1- The air cleaning solutions by Encapsulation Technology from Germany
2- Industry and house cleaning Solution- Mass Destructor 21 – Antibac2K
3- Wet tissue wipe solution

Coming to NASDA, your life and your family will be safe because you are protected by Antibac2K biotechnology. Antibac2K air purify solutions is very friendly environment and human health, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and do not contain these chemical as: parabens (Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Methyl) , Phenoxyethanol, PGH, PHMG, CMIT, MIT, benzalkonium chloride.

Magic Ball of Antibac2K has been tested, approved and certified effective and safe by various accredited agencies around the world as CE, CCC, GS, JET, PSE, SA, ENEC…

If you want to be healthy in order to work well, abundant energy and health protection for yourself and your family, employees and your customers – Do not hesitate – Please contact us.


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